How to Successfully Move Homes in One Day

By Zach Ottenweller

June 28, 2021
When moving to a new home, it can feel impossible to move everything quickly. However, you can move everything in one day with the right preparation.

Moving can be a long, stressful task. With all the packing, prepping, and transportation planning, it may seem like the process of going from your old home to a new one will never end. For anyone with a busy schedule, it can feel impossible to get everything moved in a short period of time. 

However, a quick and efficient move is not out of the question; with the right preparation, you can move across the city in one day. Here are a few tips on what to do beforehand to get you out the door and into your new space as fast as possible.

Make an all-encompassing pack list. Just because you want your move to go fast doesn’t mean you should rush. Rushing the moving process can lead to forgetfulness while packing and stress on moving day. By making a pack list for each room, you are reducing the likelihood of forgetting any of your belongings. Don’t forget to make a list of packing supplies you’ll need such as boxes and packing fillers like newspapers or blankets. 

Call utility companies beforehand. One of the most boring (and most important) parts of moving is transferring all of your utility services to the new house. Taking care of this early can make the move a lot less stressful. Once you know what day you’re moving, call and schedule when the services need to end in one house and begin in the other.

Declutter and pack up one room at a time. The best way to make sure your move will go quickly is to start preparing as early as you can. Every day leading up to your move, choose a room to sort and begin packing. Start with the least used rooms first, working your way to the most used rooms such as main bedrooms and kitchens. While you work through each room, make multiple piles: items to keep, items to sell or donate, and items to throw out. Items to keep can go in boxes for the move, while items to sell or donate can be listed on resale services such as Ebay and Facebook Marketplace or dropped off at donation sites. By decluttering before your move, you are reducing the number of boxes to be relocated, making your move faster and less expensive.

Hire a moving company. According to moveBuddha, only about a third of people who move hire a professional moving company to get into their new place. Though it can be tempting to save the money and ask friends to help out, bringing in the professionals is the easiest way to move quickly and efficiently. They will supply the trucks and the crew; all you need to do is pack up beforehand. If you follow the step above and declutter as you pack, there will be less boxes to move, making it an even faster process. If you are looking to move locally in Cleveland, check out the other article on our blog to get more tips and information.

Have a crew to help unpack and organize. With the help of a professional moving company, the actual move can sometimes take only two to three hours. After the excitement of the move, unpacking can seem like such a chore. Having some friends or family members around to help you organize your items in your new home can make the process go much faster, and it can even be fun! Take it room by room to make sure you are able to monitor where your belongings are being put. 

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