Make Your House Feel Like Home: 5 Ways to Personalize Your Space

By Zach Ottenweller

March 27, 2022
Finding balance between functional and personal in your space is difficult for many. Here are a few ways to personalize your space and make your apartment or house feel like a home.

Once all of your boxes and furniture pieces have been moved into your new space, you’re probably eager to get started making your place feel welcoming and how you like it. But how do you personalize your space so that your house or apartment feels like home?

According to Sears Home Services, 44% of people were less satisfied in their homes after the COVID-19 pandemic began. Since most people spent a lot more time within the confines of their walls, it was easier to see what wasn’t working for their lifestyles. 

Finding the balance between functional and personal is difficult for many renters and homeowners. Here are a few ways to make sure that your new place fits your needs while also making you feel comfortable and happy in your home. 

Find Your Home Decor Style

If you are new to living on your own or with a roommate, learning how to decorate your place can be frustrating. There are so many different styles and ideas to choose from! You also want to make sure that anyone else who lives in your home feels like their taste is reflected in the room. 

Finding your favorite styles can be a good place to start. has a short interior design style quiz you can use to assess your favorite style, as well as some tips for implementing and understanding your result. Try to find ways to combine the style you get with the style your roommate gets.

Up Your Wall Game

The most underused space in any room is the wall space. They can be functional with the addition of shelves or storage, but they can also add some fun and style to the place. Collect some artwork, photos, or other hangable items to display around your home. Even items like clocks can add a pop of color or a tie to your other decor.

If you are renting a space, be sure to refer to your lease agreement before drilling into the walls; some places don’t allow for changes in the walls. Luckily, there are many renter-friendly wall hanging solutions like Command strips or sticky putty.

Add Memorabilia & Personal Touches

There’s no better way to make your house feel like home than to add personal items like friend and family photos, posters from your favorite events, or anything else that reminds you of people and places that you love. This can be as obvious or subtle as you’d like, but having items that remind you of good memories makes a space feel yours. 

If you collect anything, your home is a great place to put it on display. This way, you can share it with anyone that comes to visit. 

Use Pieces That Spark Joy

Have a piece you love that doesn’t match the style you chose? That’s okay. It is more important that the items in your space make you happy and create a good atmosphere. Not everything has to go together perfectly.

In fact, mixing textiles, colors, and patterns that you like can make a space feel more cozy and lived-in. No one wants to live somewhere that feels untouchable.

Shop Second-Hand First

If you have some time to collect furniture and decor, consider looking at vintage and resale shops first. This includes physical stores as well as online bazaars like Facebook Marketplace and Mercari

Buying pre-owned items adds character to a home; older styles are often hard to find first-hand, and second-hand pieces add a unique touch to your place. It is the more sustainable option, too. By looking for pieces that someone else no longer needed, you are reducing waste and prolonging the life of that item. Wait to purchase furniture and decor from big box stores until you know you will not be able to find a second-hand option.


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